I was SO excited about this wedding. Aaron + Reagan have been amazing clients and most of their wedding party I have worked with already; so I knew it was going to be a fun crowd! We were expecting a colder, windy day but ended up having amazing spring weather and sunny skies. I live about 10 minutes from this wedding venue in homestead and I have been so excited to check it out! Neil and Deda Happel designed this incredible venue, from the custom paintings throughout the venue and Neil's landscaping - this venue is one to check out for sure! We started out with some fantastic detail images, I was able to use so much from this venue to create such unique images!

This bridal suite was so cool!!

The first look with the bridesmaids is quickly becoming a favorite of mine, this one was so sweet and you can totally tell how much these girls love each other!!

Reagan was AMAZING at her bridal shots, I was begging for her to bring her hat that she brought to her engagement session!!

Such a sweet group of girls right here. I shot Arran's wedding last year so I have been acquainted with a lot of these women already. They are so awesome and just completely down for anything!

Of course, I told Aaron to bring his hat as well!

One of the sweetest first looks I have ever had - these two are goals, seriously!

Loved Reagan's flowers so much, they were absolute perfection!

They got out the hats again for me!!

This was my first wedding with DONKEYS!!! They were so sweet and cute!

Cutest little drink camper I have ever seen...